The Most Useful Clamp You’ve Likely Never Seen!


The Kreg Classic 3″ Face Clamp is One of The Handiest Clamps I Own!

I came across these a few years ago while installing a kitchen. We were using these clamps to hold the applied finished ends on to the upper cabinets and within 30 minutes I was sold on these and ordered 2 of them that night. I now own 6 of them as I never like to be without these awesome clamps.

Kreg claims these clamps are made specifically for the pocket hole jig, but they are much more versatile than that.


The Official KREG Name For These Clamps is The “Classic 3″ Face Clamp

I personally like to call them Quick Clamps because they are fast and easy to use. They function in the same way as Vice-Grips, and the leverage in the clamps engineering provides an amazing amount of clamping force. The large plates on the ends of the arms are smooth and will not damage painted, lacquered or PVC parts. I used these on all of these finished type of products and never had a mark or scratch show on anything!

One clamp will easily hold a 25lb panel in place on the end of a cabinet at a moderate pressure setting (it can be adjusted just like vice-grips).

Where these clamps shine is in the design. You can easily clamp these with one hand and have one hand free to hold the work. The large steel pads on the clamp arms spread out the force to prevent surface damage, and also increase clamping grip. Release of the clamp is a one handed operation so it makes is easy to remove and re-clamp work for small adjustments.

The capacity of the clamp is 3″ and this is plenty for most of the applications you will use it for. I personally use them for numerous tasks including…

  • Anywhere I need to clamp sheet goods to frame work
  • Router and saw guides to tables or sheet materials
  • Holding jigs in place
  • Frame assembly
  • Keeping panel edge glue up flush at the ends
  • Countertop install to flush front edge while installing draw bolts
  • Hold sheet goods on vertical surfaces for scribing or fastening
  • Gluing anything together that will fit within the 3″ capacity
  • Holding parts together while drilling or screwing holes

And that is only a partial list. They come in so handy, I never go to job site anymore without a few of these in my toolbox!

There is only one minor flaw that I have found but it does not effect the use or performance of the Classic clamps. In the picture below, the rubber sleeve that fits over the clamp release may come loose. This gets irritating and I removed it and tossed it in the garbage – it does not effect the use of the clamps at all. See Image below…


If you want to check the Kreg Classic 3″ Face Clamp it is available here on


Kreg Automaxx® Technology Clamps

Kreg has also introduced a new line of clamps with what they term Automaxx® Technology – which is self adjusting clamps. Although I have not yet purchased these clamps, they look like very handy and I likely will soon.


Kreg Clamps Look Odd, But They Work!

They have some very interesting tools. Check them out Here on Amazon – they are not expensive and very handy.


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