Narex Chisels – Low Price, Great Quality!


Narex Bevel Edge Chisels Are The Only Chisels I Use!

6 PC Narex Chisel Set – Only $84.99

Well, almost, they are the ones I use for all my typical day to day work. For specialized work with large timber or curved pieces I use other high end chisels.

Narex chisels offer the most value for the dollar and overall, are some of the cheapest you will find for the quality of these chisels. I do not baby mine and they have lasted for years.

Even with repeated blows to the handle with plastic mallets they have not shown signs of much wear or damage.


Here are some very good reasons these chisels are my favorite…

  • Easy to sharpen
  • Little to no overheating when sharpening
  • Keeps a sharp edge for a long time
  • Chisel edge does not chip easy, if it does, it is usually minimal
  • Handles never come loose
  • Handles withstand repeated blows from mallet and occasional steel hammer
  • Blades are made from fine-grained, nicely tempered chrome-manganese steel and hardened to Rc 59
  • Very affordable!


Overall, These chisels offer the most bang for the buck. They average $13 to $18 a piece (subject to size) and The Boxed 6 pc Narex Chisel Set is very inexpensive.

All in all, if you want very good chisels at an affordable price, Check Out All of Narex Chisels on Amazon Here


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