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  1. Henry,

    I am in the midst of my shed build and have referred to the plans and the videos over and over again, each time picking up something new. I am a fairly experienced fine furniture maker but have never attempted a macro scale project like this from the ground up ( actually on an old 10×10 concrete pad, neither square nor level, in our backyard that my father built as a dog run over 20 years ago). It has been a great learning experience and every day is a school day. Your deliberate, thorough Scandinavian style ( I am 50% Scandanavian) is a great teaching asset. I am currently installing the SmartSide panels and am struggling with the bowing and cupping. The finish nails are pulling through and I am having to use screws in areas that will be covered by trim. Any thoughts or tips? Thanks so much. I will submit a pic of the finished project.

    • Henry Reinders on

      Hi Tony,

      Well, it sounds like you do not have the joist headers to utilize at the base (concrete pad) so that would make it little more troublesome. Sounds like very warped material??

      I would get the tops pushed up into the soffit area so they cannot pop out and then focus on the bottom and gradually work your way up to the top (making sure the panels are lined up to the corner, or prior panel. We also used a few screws here and there as needed and as long as they get covered that is not an issue. And definitely use glue – even if it is a bit messy while trying to get the panels secured.

      Hope that helps,

  2. Jerry,

    Nice job. I’m looking to build a 12×16 shed as well. I really like what you’ve done with yours. I’m interested to learn how you modified the 8×10 plan to achieve the 12×16.

    Best…Len in Texas

  3. Henry fantastic job on your shed and videos. Will you eventually have all the videos available on dvd? It would be good to have them in this format. I will get your plans on line but watching the videos is great and very educational.

  4. There is nothing more rewarding than to see , in detail, an actual project being built from the ground up. The single man techniques , hints and tips puts a smile on my face knowing my wife gets a reprieve on my next build. In both form and function the shed is completely eye catching with decorative drip header for a one of a kind appeal. The chosen colours cannot be over looked as well since they help soften the size of the shed. Nothing worse than a painted barn in red against a sandstone mansion. Overall high marks for this 15 set video production essentially because of the precise detail in all aspects of the project Build. Excellently done !

  5. Henry Reinders on

    Jerry, that is quiet the mod from the original plans. Looks rock solid, well made and very useful. Nice shed build!

    • Thanks, Henry. It was a great experience building the shed and I did it solo. Couldn’t have done it without your expert advice and plans!

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