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I followed almost every design from your videos but made this 8 X 15 with extra wide 10’ bi-fold doors. Loved your attention to detail especially the soffits. Looking forward to the next one.

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Garry S
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San Diego, California
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Experienced DIY'er
For anyone looking to build a shed but not sure where to start this is a must. Start to finish with some great cost saving tips along the way. Some of the jugs used give the average DIY’er a fighting chance at achieving master craftsmen results. Thank you for sharing your skills. Can’t wait to purchase the plans and build that exact shed next.

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  1. Nice one Garry! I too am constructing a 8′ x 15′ shed, and just about finished the floor. Will be starting to make the trusses. I was wondering if I’ll need to have gussets on both sides of the trusses, seeing as it’s 15′ long. One question: did you construct the side walls in two sections, 7′ 6″ long, or just 1 x 15′? I’m concerned a wall 8′ high x 15′ long may be too heavy for me to lift!

    Finally, the sub-fascia board will be something like 18′ long, so I reckon that will be in two pieces. Did you join the two pieces in any special way, or were you able to obtain a length of lumber/timber 18′ long?

    Your shed looks very cool! Best regards, Chris

  2. That is a nice size shed Garry – looks very good! I am sure some viewers will be quick to add the lighting effect to their next shed.

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