Poultry Palace


Modified the shed design to 10’x12′ with 12/12 roof pitch. Added some windows and vents at the top. Roofing material is tin. Added some trim around the sides to break up the paint. We use this for our chicken coupe. Added automatic chicken door (from Poultry Butler) and solar panel for power.

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Joe A
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Yes, Both The Plans & Videos
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North Carolina
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Experienced DIY'er
The plans were easy to read, but the videos added countless tips to make assembly faster and easier. One of the best tips was about applying the siding material after you complete the tongue and groove sofit. Thanks so much for helping me get this project started. It was enjoyable and looks great.

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  1. Love the detailed videos!!! Would like to make a flat-roof shed for garden equipment, do you have any plans for a flat-roof shed? Your kind assistance is greatly appreciated!!!

  2. Henry Reinders on

    Very nice job Joe! That is quiet the chicken coop (palace). The vent looks good with the steeper pitch. I like the way you broke up the colors around the bottom too – nice mods to the plans and it looks awesome! Looks like you have spoiled chickens (very happy I am sure).

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