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I wanted somewhere to do a bit of woodwork but with a small terrace house and garden the only option was to build on the little available space the wife would let me! It was a 12ft x 12ft area at the bottom of the garden, so I filled it with as big a shed as the space would allow. Her only conditions were it had to be pretty and i wasn’t to damage our Hawthorne tree which legend says would bring you bad luck here to do so! Main issue to overcome – aside from the tree! – was sloping ground which i had to build up by about 4ft at the back using railway sleepers to build a retaining wall and fill with 3 tons of stones. With very unpredictable weather here, and a job to go to, things moved at a very slow pace, but I got there eventually.

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Just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland.
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Home Handyman
Before i started i spent a long time searching the internet for help and advice, and without doubt, Henry's series of videos was far and away the best on the web. They are so well thought out, detailed and full of useful tips for someone like myself who was doing it alone. The quality of the videos, both pictures and sound, are also excellent, and believe me i watched some dross before i found these gems! I didn't use the plans because my dimensions and layout were going to be different, but the building techniques over the 15 videos were invaluable. Thanks to Henry and your team for an invaluable resource.

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  1. Henry Reinders on

    Very nicely done Harry! By the looks of things, your wife must be happy with the results too – and the condition of the trees would indicate no bad luck will fall upon you 😉

    With the retaining wall and all, your project is one of the most involved projects posted to date! Looks like lots of challenges that were met, conquered and the results are awesome.

    P.S. Nice use of drip edges on the doors. I used to use those on doors when I worked in The Netherlands years ago – you don’t see those in use much in North America.

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