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8 by 10 shed as per your video

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Bob B
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Hamilton Ontario
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Experienced DIY'er
I found your video on YouTube and built it using that as my guide....referring to it daily. Because of space limitations, with a small back yard I rotated it 90 degrees but kept the roof peak facing the front. It was a blast. Thanks for your help. Bob

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  1. your video showed using 2″ galvanized finish nails on the siding. I live in Houston Tx., and we often have high humidity, so I don’t know if finish nails will hold up in the smart siding.

    • Henry Reinders on

      Hi Bert… I am on the west coast and we get a ton of rain here. For as long as I can remember, we have used nothing but galvanized siding and finish nails for exterior finish work. Never seen these fail over the last 30 years, a few will, but seldom. I also highly recommend using glue with the panels too since the panels (OSB) themselves are not that thick or as strong as plywood (unless you happen to find panels made out of plywood). That said, I am not familiar with the climate in Texas, so I would recommend checking with a local building supplier and see what the norm is for your area (what the Pro’s use). HD or Lowes staff are not likely the best source of info – check a supplier that caters to professional builders if you can.

  2. Henry Reinders on

    If I was a betting man, I would say this shed build was a much anticipated upgrade to the older one next to it? Turned out good and looks like you took your time to make sure it was done right!

    • Yes this new shed was long awaited.

      As you suggested, I took the time on the new shed to make sure everything was square from the start….amazing how things stayed true as it went up.

      Manufacturing the trusses early was a brilliant idea, especially since I’ve never done a roof before.

      Though I could never get quite as comfortable as you on top of the roof.

      • Henry Reinders on me, I had to be careful and it does feel steep…hence my warning to others to be careful when working on the roof.

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