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I am 57 years old and I have never undertaken any project this size or complex in my life. I would call myself kinda handy, but before this I had never built anything. I do painting, gardening, have installed a couple sprinkler systems and ceiling fans and done some minor drywall repair and plumbing.

I would have never even considered doing this project without Henry and the Videos! I must have watched the roofing video 5 times and it finally came together. The plans come in very handy as they help you get an overall sense of what you are trying to do in each step. I did 99.9% of this by myself, (well my fiance did hold a wall for about 2 minutes one time) The tricks and tips Henry gives really do work just like in the video.

The entire project took me about 6 weeks working 3 hours every evening after work and 10 to 11 hours each day on Sat and Sun. My ground prep required about a weeks worth of work as it was not flat at all to start. I did make the trusses longer than Henry did in the video as I though it would look a little better. Anyone with some building knowledge in the least could build this much quicker than I did.

Now that it is done and I have rested, I am proud of myself. Thank you Henry for taking the time to make these videos allow someone who really didn’t have the skills to build a very high quality project that will undoubtedly last for 20 years or more.

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David H.
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Did You Use Our Shed Plans & Videos?
Yes, Both The Plans & Videos
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Cincinnati, Ohio
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Home Handyman
The videos are fantastic and the plans help summarize it all. I could of never done this without the videos.

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  1. Henry Reinders on

    For someone who has not done any large projects of any kind, your shed build looks awesome David! Glad the plans and videos helped you get the great results you wanted.

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