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Backyard 10×12 shed

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Mike J
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Yes, Both The Plans & Videos
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Experienced DIY'er
I had needed a shed for quite a few years but always seemed to put it off in favor of less involved projects. I have worked on remodeling my home pretty consistently since I bought it in 2004 and finally decided it was time to build a shed. I did a lot of research and looked at a lot of plans/videos and decided Henry's plans/videos were the best. Normally I would have gone to my dad for help and relied on his 30+ years of experience in construction but he is passed away and I found Henry to be the next best thing! I watched his entire shed build series on YouTube several times and found them to be very straight forward and easy to follow. I then bought the plans for the 10x12 shed and got to work. I was working by myself the entire time and ran into quite a few delays due to weather and work but it is finally done and I am very pleased with the results! The building inspector even complimented me on the quality of the build. I made a few changes to the plans by putting double doors on the long side and a ridge vent on the roof. Many times I had to stop working to review a video but I was always able to work through any delay because of them. I am a visual person and being able to refer to Henry's videos was a huge help. I told my wife several times I hoped my dad would be proud of the work I did and with Henry's help I think it is mission accomplished. Thanks again Henry!

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  1. Henry Reinders on

    That is one rock solid looking shed Mike! I am sure if your Dad was checking your work, he’d give you a 100% approval… looks great and that gravel base with the stone trim really touches it off.

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