Mac’s Shed


This shed was built on a concrete pad originally built my my father-law (when he was about my age now) on a hillside as a dog kennel. The dog lasted one day and it sat idle for more than 20 years until converted to a shed to make more room for woodworking tools in my garage. The pad was neither square nor plumb. I did the best i could. As carpenter friend told me, ” Caulk and paint makes a carpenter what he ain’t”

Project By:
Tony McDonALD
Did You Use Our Shed Plans & Videos?
Yes, Both The Plans & Videos
Project Location:
Gainesville, FL
My Skill Level is:
Home Handyman
Loved the videos, Henry. Watched them many times over for each stage of the project and used the plans as a guide though had to modify the dimensions and figure out how to attach the shed roof and deck. I built 90% plus singlehanded and your tips for working alone were invaluable. Buggered my knee going up and down a ladder so many times but didn't fall off. Wishing not to press my luck, I asked my contractor son to have his roofing guys put the shingles on. They killed a coral snake in the process. The little guy must have been watching me struggle with SmartSide panels and listening to many expletives before he felt safe to come out. Too bad the roofing guys didn't let him slither on his way as they are pretty harmless unless threatened. Thanks again for practical and pragmatic instruction. I'm looking forward to going back and making furniture now that I have more room in my garage.

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  1. Henry Reinders on

    Very cool.. .sounds like a lot of history is behind this shed. Glad it worked out and you got the extra room you needed.

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