12 x 12 (true dimensions) Storage shed, following the 15 on-line videos presented by Mr. Reinders. “Off the grid” modifications include a nine-pier concrete, 3-beam foundation, a window, a loft, modified roof – end soffits with vents, a solar powered roof fan, an extended ‘rodent resistant’ skirting, a custom 4 foot by 6 1/2 foot door fitted with a commercial closer, and a 5×5 foot ramp. The only nails used for the project were roofing nails and small finishing nails for the soffit and trim. This Project was very challenging, expensive, and time consuming. 80% of the construction was done at night. A full time and a part time job left me with no options, so construction schedule was in the evenings and ceased at 9:45 pm to keep peace with the neighbors.

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Ron E.
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Yes, Both The Plans & Videos
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Fort Worth, Texas
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Home Handyman
Mr. Reinders, your experience and techniques were very accurate and helpful. Without the videos I would have made colossal mistakes in the construction process.

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  1. Kevin Saunders on

    Hi Ron what is this rodent resistant material made of and where can i get more info on it. i tens to get a lot of mice in my shed. by the way great job on the shed.

    Kevin Saunders

  2. Earnest Embry on

    Good job son. Now would you be so kind as to tear down this shed that I am living in and build me another house?

  3. Hey Ron,

    I’m about to start a shed build of my own and I am curious to learn more about your “rodent resistant skirting”. Any help would be appreciated.



  4. Henry Reinders on

    I have to say Ron, that is some serious modifications from the original plans – nicely done. I was wondering what seemed different about the skirting (then I read the text – got it now).

    Yes, going this route is not the cheapest way to go, but the finished product sure beats anything you can buy at HD or Lowes – and you have the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Glad it worked out and it looks great!

    • Ron, That shed is amazing and I would not thought of using rodent resistant skirting?, but that is a good idea. I am planning on building a shed using Henry’s plans. I have loads of little animals that would be running around once the weather breaks here in Alaska, and that skirting may work here as well. You did such a outstanding job pulling yours together, very impressive and with the time you mentioned late at night. Great Job! and thanks for sharing.

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