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Project was an full 10 X 12 ft utility and tool shed in backyard. Plans were altered to place a 6 ft 2 inch double door on one side of shed. Texture 1-11 wood siding and wood molding were used. It was placed on a elevated wood base which was covered by a 3/4 in treated plywood. Sugested building techeneques were used. Roof rafters were modified to get aditional storage space. The 2×4 wall studs were incorperated into heavy duty wood shelves. Front sides are used for wood working tools.

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John Mac
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Yes, Both The Plans & Videos
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Long Island New York
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Experienced DIY'er
After reviewing alternatives on the internet I chose this shed package. It gave me the fundementals to build on. I have built decks but this was my first wood shed. My thanks to Henry for his clear instructive videos and follow up helpful E Mails. It was built during the Summer of 2014 over a few week period. All supplies were transported using my van. I tried to buy only what I could use in a day or so. I did a lot by myself but an added hand made parts of the project go much easier. There were time gaps in construction but I would stop at what I would consider a safe stop point. A tarp is very helpful here. Basically, standard construction methods were used. There was no sign of problems even after a hard winter. I used some left over siding for a small 2 x 4 ft storage box which is well vented. I used 2 coats of quality paint which highlited the shed. I am more than happy with the results. Thanks to Henry and Bill for their help.

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