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10’x10’ of Henry’s example. On a concrete slab

Project By:
Randy Jaskiewicz
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Project Location:
West coast Florida
My Skill Level is:
Experienced DIY'er
Henry builds a quality shed. I was honored to copy his product. Simple as it was he offered a few pointers and tips as many have mentioned with regards to working it alone. I used t1-11 5/8” sheathing screwed and glued for added strength in Florida. I especially liked his shopping list to limit my trips to HD three times. The left over material and bracing worked perfect for all the shelving inside. Henry you are a true craftsman but I had to use a finish nailer on the trim. Material cost including concrete slab with a turn down footing 2.5 yards. $3,350.00

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  1. Henry Reinders on

    Very nicely done Randy – especially without the plans. Costs sure are going up with lumber prices these days. But it is worth it when you take the time and do a great shed build!

    • Randy Jaskiewicz on

      Agreed. I enjoyed the build as much as the extra space. I hope to see some more projects coming from you in the near future. Do you build this shed type often?

      • Henry Reinders on

        I was planning a lean-to/chicken coop for this spring, but with 8′ 2×4’s at almost $12 each here and 1/2″ plywood sheathing at $60+ a sheet, I may hold off until prices come back down to an affordable price – insane prices right now. Same 2×4 mid 2019 was $3.50 each and plywood $23.

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