Grandma’s Shed


10 x 16 Shed built by (grandma). Henry’s videos made it so easy. The only trouble I had was trying to figure out a way to get the plywood on the roof all by myself. I eventually came up with a plan to lean (two) 2x4x16s approximately 7ft. apart with my ladder in the middle, and simply slid the sheet up the 2x4s while climbing the ladder. And it worked beautifully!

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Yes, Both The Plans & Videos
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Mississippi Gulf Coast
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Experienced DIY'er
Henry's video's make building a shed so easy that even grandma can do it. And I did "all by myself". What an achievement! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and videos. Also, a big thank you for including instructions on how to make various jigs which make it possible to do this project alone.

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  1. Dear Henry,

    My Granddaughter asked me if I could build a shed for her to take care of her dogs. I’ve built three airplanes from scratch so I figured that I could handle a shed. A short Google search brought me to you, thankfully! Faith decided (fortunately as I was doing the site prep), to enlarge her building to 12′ x 24′. Near as I can tell that shouldn’t change the dimensions of the ladders, etc. I have half the trusses finished, will wrap them up next week and begin the walls. I feel like you are an old friend after all the time I have spent with you! Thank you for your expertise and the great videos!

  2. Thank you! I think I spent more time watching your videos than actually building the shed. And calculating modifications. I can’t tell you how many other videos I watched before stumbling onto yours. I never would’ve attempted building something like this, but your videos provided excellent information which gave me the confidence I needed to just do it! Thank you once again. Excellent instructions, top notch professional, highly recommended!

    • Henry Reinders on

      That is a very solid way to approach any project. Make sure you understand everything first and then go at it. Projects always go better if you take time beforehand to plan it all out 🙂 Glad to hear the videos were that helpful.

  3. Henry Reinders on

    Very impressive shed build for a “Grandma”, and you also modified and had to figure out the changes to make it longer. Very well done and glad you were able to do it all yourself using some of my jigs and tips in the videos.

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