Generator housing gone wild


This shed project started out to be a simple housing for our proposed whole house generator. As things go, this project got a little larger than expected. Generator turned into a commercial Onan generator that was bigger than originally thought so it needed a larger housing. Of course you need additional room so a full size shed it was. Since the generator weighed in a more than 650 lbs it was easier to build the shed around the generator. I first built the floor and set the generator on top before I built the walls. It now houses our generator, JD lawn tractor, tools and …. The generator runs on natural gas so all the plumbing for that along with routing the exhaust had to be incorporated into my plans.

We’ve now decided to build a second shed since our existing shed was termite ridden and ready to fall down. This one’s bound to be bigger.;) Expecting it to be about 10×10′ since that’s the size of the concrete slab the old shed sits on. Will be posting progress of that one later.

I’m 59 years old and was able to do all the work mostly along except for some help from the wife.

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J. Tomsits
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Yes, Both The Plans & Videos
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Metro Atlanta GA
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Experienced DIY'er
Couldn't have done this project without the excellent videos and plans. All the details in the videos saved me countless hours and who knows how may injuries. Wife helped with the entire project and we both learned so much. Some additional detail on how to get those darn roof panels up top safely while working alone would be helpful along with more detail on how the front and back LP siding cuts are arranged for the 10x12 shed. All in all it turned out to be easier then expected due to the videos and plans.

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    • Henry Reinders on

      Hi Scott

      The plans use a 7/12 pitch which it appears to be in the images. But it is not a true 7/12, we opted to go with a 30 degree angle instead, to make all cuts easy to calculate and set on a miter saw (a 7/12 is very close to 30 degrees).

  1. Thanks for the response Henry. The generator cooling air is vented out the rear of the shed through a louvered panel. The roll up door on the front will allow air to be drawn round its brush seal. I was advised from experienced generator installers to not use gable vents for intake air as they tend to draw in hotter air then from below. If temps become a problem I can always keep the front door open during operation. The trickier problem was venting the exhaust out the side of the shed. That required a little more ingenuity.;)

    On a side note, the 2nd new tool shed is coming along rather nicely. I modified the 10’x12′ plans to accomidate roughly a 10’x10′ concrete slab. Shed ended up being 119″ long by 117″ wide. I’m at the point that the roof decking is installed and shingled. Took me about 3 days to complete. Had a 3 day dry window but rain was a concern going on into the future. I opted to do the roof before the soffits were installed. Won’t be able to use the installation brackets to install the long side soffits but that shouldn’t be a problem since I did the same with the generator shed. Used roof jacks on this one since it was higher and taller than my other shed. Made working on the roof deck MUCH safer and comfortable. Found several videos on how to install them and Home Depot had the adjustable ones for under $10 each. Really easy to install and remove using three 10D common nails on each jack going into the 2×4 truss member. Cheep safety insurance in my book.

    • Henry Reinders on

      Ya, venting is always a concern, but it sound like you did your research and built to suit. Safety insurance, you bet it is worth it… it is surprising how steep a 7/12 pitch can feel if you are not used to being on a roof – very easy to lose balance.

  2. Henry Reinders on

    J. – That has to be the fanciest generator shed I have every seen… looks great!

    Just a thought on venting… with the heat the generator is likely to create, might be a good idea to add some gable vents on both ends.

    I have to assume based how nice this shed is for a generator, a storage shed down the road will be twice as nice 😉

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