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My husband and I are not handy, but after pricing and viewing pre-built and kit coops, decided we would tackle building our own. I found Henry and Country Life Projects videos and was hooked! We ordered the plans and got started in June. We made a major mistake almost right off the bat by thinking we had the correct size 2x4s and had two walls glued, screwed and up before discovering our mistake, ugh. However, we decided to keep going…reading more carefully! It did not turn into a big problem until puting up the siding, but we muddled through and it still turned out great in my opinion for a couple of amateurs.

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Gina G.
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Did You Use Our Shed Plans & Videos?
Yes, Both The Plans & Videos
Project Location:
Upstate NY
My Skill Level is:
I Was Born With 2 Left Hands
Without Country Life Projects plans and Henry’s (and his videographer’s) superb videos, we could not have ever attempted this project. We watched the videos several times and referenced individual videos at each segment, along with using the plans to verify, especially AFTER we made a huge error. As complete amateurs the tips and information were invaluable. Also, I initially had trouble downloading the plans to my ipad and Henry responded almost immediately with help. This project took us several months to complete due to the heat and our unfamiliarity with building, in addition to having to “wing it” for the doors since we wanted something different than what the shed originally called for, but our delays were our own. The videos and plans are outstanding and I would recommend them to anyone. If we could build from them, then anyone could, trust me. Thanks so much Henry and Country Life Projects!

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Thank you from Country Life Projects! We appreciate everyone who has taken time to submit their project, watched our videos and/or have purchased our plans.


  1. Thank you Henry…
    We are definitely proud of the accomplishment, even with the errors, but seriously would not have attempted without your plans and videos. You really inspired us!

    • I think I’m going to try and mirror your project, it gives us exactly what we’re looking for. Is the frame of your run 4×4?

  2. Henry Reinders on

    Hi Gina…

    Not Handy? This is one of the nicest chicken coops I have seen! It is quite the change up from the plans and overall looks awesome – love the details for the windows and doors. You’re sure to get lots of views on this and many people I am sure will appreciate you posting your project.

    If you didn’t consider yourselves handy before this project, you surely should now – Nice Work!

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