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My wife and I wanted to build a play shed, so I started looking for ideas and plans. I found Mr. Reinders videos on You Tube and knew that this was the one we wanted to build. I watched the videos and purchased the plans.

I am 66 years old and was a bit skeptical if I would be able to handle the project. There wasn’t any problem. I built the shed by myself (including hand digging 4′ post holes for the foundation) working off and on between May and June of 2015.

I built the shed 18″ above ground because of a water problem if we get a storm with 3 to 4 inches of rain. I used 2″X6″ and 2″X8″ treated lumber for the floor. I used the 2x lumber just in case because I wasn’t able to locate 3/4″ T@G plywood that was treated.

Installed asphalt roofing panels instead of shingles because I wasn’t sure about hanging on the side of the roof and laying shingles.

My wife and I built the deck (8’X12′) 3/4″ from the shed to extend into the back yard dog fence so we all can use the building. We added a ceiling fan and light, couple of receptacles, and a porch light. Used a shore plug with a 12 gauge drop cord plugged into an outside receptacle on our house for power.

I still need to make some lattice panels for the skirting to keep the critters out and we are debating whether to finish the inside of the shed.

I am very happy with how the Dream Shed came out and how easy it was to build by following the plans and videos.

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E. Marsh
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Yes, Both The Plans & Videos
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North Central Iowa
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Home Handyman
This was a very enjoyable project. The videos, plans, and material lists were on the money. Thank you very much for a fine shed that will last as long as a house.

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  1. Henry Reinders on

    It looks like you had a lot of fun building the shed and it is obvious you took your time and did a very nice job. Cool how you raised it up and added the deck for rainy weather. Looks like you will get many years of enjoyment out of your shed!

    I’m curious about the asphalt roofing panels, I have not seen these in my area – where did you get these?

    • They are called Ondura Asphalt Panels. I got them from Menards but Home Depot also carries them. I used 1/2″ OSB sheeting and Ice and Water barrier. The panels went on very easy and I would use them again.

      Thanks again for the excellent plans and the compliment.

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