Bryan’s Storage Shed


I needed a shed so that I could get non-car related crap out of the Garage, and actually start using my Garage for my car. The finished product turned out so nice that my wife calls it the “Garden Suite”.

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Bryan M.
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Yes, Both The Plans & Videos
Project Location:
Victoria BC
My Skill Level is:
Experienced DIY'er
I'm good with tools, but never worked on any ground-up framing projects. The country life videos were great in learning many useful tips and tricks. The plans were a great starting point, which I then modified to get the finished product.

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  1. Bryan M…excellent job, looks very nice.
    I live in eastern Canada, and am wondering if you used cedar for trim and fascia board as in Henry’s plan? I’m having a hard time sourcing quality stock for 1×4 and 1×6 boards at our local building suppliers.
    Wondering what would be a suitable replacement.
    Great video’s Henry!

  2. Henry Reinders on

    I can see why your wife calls this shed the Garden Suite, it looks like a nice little cabin rather than a shed. In the pictures it looks like you made use of old windows – nice! Great shed build!

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