Bob C’s 10ft x 12ft shed with two windows and a three-foot wide door


I pretty much followed the plans for the 10’ X 12’ shed and videos for the 8’ X 10’ shed with a few exceptions. I started with a base using 4” X 4” pressure treated lumber and 2 ½ tons of gravel then built the foundation directly on the gravel using 2” X 6” pressure treated lumber, exactly as illustrated in the plan. The only thing I did a little differently was, as I was building a 10ft x 12ft and had to cut the plywood anyway, I started laying the T&G plywood from the center to get a good tight fit and then trimmed the plywood all around using a saw/router.

Although the recommended plan would have been absolutely fine, I upgraded the roof trusses to 2” X 6” lumber and put them on 16” centers to deal with the snow and Nor’easters we get in the area (tropical storm Isaias is coming up the coast as I write this). I then made a 3’ “pass-through” so I could access the “attic”. It makes a nice place to store lumber or other long items.

Even though I had some help when needed, I made full use of the recommended jigs and blocking tips. They were so easy to make and made dealing with 12’ long materials so much more manageable.

I used ¾” T-111 siding which has a nice look and additional strength. I added two 24” X 36” double hung windows for additional lighting and installed the headers over the windows the same way as the header over the door, so everything was at the same height.

Perhaps due to the pandemic, none of the local home improvement stores had Cedar in stock and they were not sure when Cedar would become available, so I used 5/4” pine. It looks great but the additional width of the siding and the trim did force me to buy some longer lengths of material (a 10’ trim board was now too short to go across the front) but it was all good.

I used the new architectural shingles rather than the 3-tab shingles. They went on basically the same way but a little easier in some respects. According to the instructions on Timberline’s website, once I got the starter layer all around the roof, all I had to do is start with a full shingle, then cut 6” of the first single of the 2nd row, 11” off the first single of the 3rd and 17” off first single of the 4th and then repeat the pattern.

The plans and outcome exceeded all expectations!

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Bob C
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Yes, Both The Plans & Videos
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Norwalk, CT
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Experienced DIY'er
Hi Henry, In the months before my anticipated retirement, I looked at literally hundreds of shed plans and builds on YouTube. I came across and the “bite-sized” videos were so well done compared to anything else I found that I purchased the plans. The plans, material lists, costing sheets and videos were absolutely excellent. I have a fair amount of woodworking experience, but I would not have built anything nearly as professional, functional, and beautiful without the great step-by-step instructions, tips and well-illustrated plans. I took my time and simply followed the videos. I thoroughly enjoyed the project (although at 68, I did not think I would be scrambling around on a roof again) and used the experience to introduce my sons to framing, roofing and finishing woodwork the right way! I have received a lot of great comments from neighbors and friends (most of them now want me to build them a shed) about the quality of my shed and I could not be more pleased! Thank you, Henry! Best regards, Bob C Norwalk, CT

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  1. How are you venting this shed? I don’t see gable vents or ridge vents or soffit vents? No venting was discussed in the videos. Thanks

  2. Henry Reinders on

    Hi Bob,

    Very nice shed – great to see one with very different color combinations. The dark trim/door with the stained panels looks great.

    Upgrading the trusses to 2×6 etc is a good idea in areas with heavy snow loads. With all the upgrades you made I am sure it would take a tornado to tear this shed apart.

    Thanks for sharing, looks very professional!

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