Backyard 10×12 shed with all PVC Board Trim and Overhead Door.


I had a BLAST building this. I’ve never built any structure from the ground up but I’m a fairly handy guy. I did a ton of research, found these plans and videos, and dug into the process of modifying for a concrete base with a drip edge, multiple windows, and an overhead door with a side access door. My father-in-law and I built this over the course of a couple months working weekends and evenings when available plus an initial week off of work. Honestly this was just a TON of fun and I still look back fondly on this time last year. Thanks so much to Henry for these plans and his willingness to share decades of experience with those of us who didn’t know squat about doing this to start.

The concrete work we had done by a company as we had quite a bit to do (we had sidewalks and such added as well). After that was done, we took over with mocked up custom blueprints I made in Photoshop by amending the purchased plans.

I pre-built the roof trusses and pre-painted the edges of the LP panels in my garage. I bought a Harbor Freight “ok” framing nailer and it was worth every penny even if I never use it after this job. I went for an overhead door to pull in a mower, and installed a brush seal to keep out weather/bugs a bit better. I also had pre-trenched electrical conduit and had an electrician buddy pull wires and install outlets and lighting inside and out. I later added a vinyl fence as a wind block for some trash cans and completed it with a motion sensing light on that side to give light at night when taking out the trash.

Another goal was to use all PVC and Vinyl where possible to keep carpenter bees from eating up the soffits and such. We also added gutters to control rain watershed which I did by making some custom PVC board wedges to push the gutters level.

Looking back through photos of this project made me very happy. Thanks for this resource!

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Brent P.
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Yes, Both The Plans & Videos
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Rossford, OH
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Experienced DIY'er
I had questions about waterproofing the exterior side access door with a concrete base and sent an email which was quickly replied to with very helpful advice. This project WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED if it weren't for these resources! I would have bought a pre-made kit and had a much worse product... But more than that, I wouldn't have learned all I did, made memories of the experience, or had a final product that I love this much! After seeing the videos on YouTube I immediately bought the plans and figured even if I didn't use them for some reason, the price was low enough it was worth investigating. Knowing all I know now, it was worth it and then some! Thanks Henry!

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  1. Henry Reinders on

    Hi Brent,

    Wow, now this is a shed that incorporates every type of door and window most people will ever use. This is great as it shows a door and windows on the side and roll up door on the front – all with headers in the right places as the side wall is the bearing walls. Plus it is built on a concrete slab – lots of viewers will love to see this build as it answers many question I get on alternative ways to build the shed.

    Plus I see you added gable vents (the easiest way to add venting I might add) – good idea to include in hot or humid climates or if storing gas etc!

    And to top it all off, plumb fascia with gutters. This build really has all the modifications any DIY’er is likely to add.

    Awesome job!!

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