A She Shed for my Wife


This was my first attempt at a project like this – I decided to make a 8×12’ version and tried to follow most of the videos online – my foundation was 2 4×4 PTs on cement blocks with a 2×4 PT frame and 3/4 in osb flooring – I knew I wasn’t going to be placing heavy objects in the shed or I would have gone with 2×6 PTs – I followed the video on making the trusses and gussets and used LP Smart Panels for siding – used architectural shingles and did the V Match soffit – I bought an exterior door off FB market place but realized it was for a 2×6 frame so I just added to make it work – my other minor mistake was building the ladders after my roof was on – oops – I guess next time I will buy the plans! Overall the wife is really happy on how it turned out – I’ve even run electrical to the shed for lights and outlets – I still look at the shed and can’t believe I built it – thanks to Henry and the Country Life Projects videos!

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Somersworth NH, USA
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Home Handyman
Kudos to Henry and Country Life Projects - I found you on you-tube and after watching your videos I’m like “I can do that” I spent a month watching a video then doing that portion of the shed and I got a little help from friends when I had to install the roof - now with this project complete I’m considering doing a Man Shed - 10x14 or bigger - but this time I’m going to purchase the plans and modify where necessary- thanks again to Henry he has such a calming voice it was fun learning and watching the videos

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  1. Henry Reinders on

    Hi Gregg…

    Nice shed build especially considering you only used the videos and this is your first project like this. Looks great and your wife must be happy with the shed. Nice bold use of colors too – Red door looks great with ivory colored siding!

    • Thanks Henry- I couldn’t have done it without you – it must feel so rewarding that you’ve helped so many homeowners dive into shed building and other projects – I know I appreciate you – Happy Holidays to you and your family
      Thanks again,

      • Henry Reinders on

        Hi Gregg – Appreciate the feedback, thank you. And may the holidays and 2021 be great for you and your family too!

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