8’x13′ (110 sq. ft) tractor mower garage/shed


The project was slightly modified to fit local requirements better. We have heavy snowfalls, so roof is a bit steeper (8/12) and the trusses are 16 OC (I know, it’s overbuild, but I will sleep better :)). Due to the shed location in a wet area and unevenness of the lot I had to build skid foundation (3PT 6×6) atop of a gravel pit with some additional underground drainage provisions. Otherwise the shed is mostly as per project plan.

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Mike S.
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Yes, Both The Plans & Videos
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Southern Ontario
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I Was Born With 2 Left Hands
This is the best shed building resource on the Internet 🙂 The videos are fantastic - brief and to the point enough, though very comprehensive with many small, but crucial details. The project plan helped as well. Thanks, guys, it helped a lot!

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  1. Henry Reinders on

    Hi Mike

    Well, looking at your shed I would say you were very handy… not two left hands! Looks great and I noticed you made use of the attic space for extra storage – with a steeper roof it is good space to utilize.

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