6×10 Shed


Built a small 6×10’ shed. This was my first attempt at building anything and I had to overcome a number of challenges but am pleased with the final results. I wanted an 8×12 shed but between the slope of my chosen location and the proximity to the property line I settled on a smaller size.

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Jeff B.
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Biglerville Pennsylvania
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Home Handyman
I wish I would have stumbled onto this website prior to purchasing plans elsewhere. I bought a set but they were not detailed enough for a beginner so I bought another set that promised lots of detail but fell short. I took parts of one set and combined it with the other to come up with the design, but I could not have completed the project without the help of Henry’s video series!

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  1. Hi Jeff… for a first time build i’d say you did very well, sloped lot, posts, stairs etc. Looks nice and solid! Notice you add venting – good idea.

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