How To Cut Glass – It’s a Snap


Cutting glass is really a snap – and that is the trick (well there are a few more tricks, but it’s all covered in the video).

If you live in the country, being able to make use of old glass can be very handy and save money. Most glass needed around a country home or farm is usually 1/8″, and this video covers everything you need to know to cut plate glass close to this thickness.

I say plate glass because you can not cut safety glass or tempered glass using the techniques shown in this video (in fact you cannot cut tempered glass – it will shatter).

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Henry Reinders has 40 years experience as a Professional Builder, Renovator and Woodworker under his belt (including 3 years apprenticing in his early twenties in Amsterdam, The Netherlands). He loves the country life, outdoors and gardening and will be sharing what he knows on


  1. Hello Henry,

    My wife and I are about to build your deer proof garden enclosure (24×24′). I’ll let you know how that goes. All materials sitting in the workshop! Should be a life saver with the several dozen deer running around our property.

    I wanted to see if you had plans for an extensive greenhouse build coming in the near future?



  2. Hi, Mr. Reinders,
    I was wondering if you are still providing video content? It looks like the deer proof garden enclosure was the last thing and that was quite a while ago. Your style of teaching/demonstrating is so much better than almost anyone I see on Youtube. I’ve watched your 15 video series on shed building several times over, as I’ve been wanting to build that exact shed for a couple years now. I’m finally getting ready and will be purchasing your 10 x 12 e-plans soon. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the great content that you have put out there for the home DIYers.

    • Henry Reinders on

      Hi Bob,

      Thank you for the nice words, appreciate that. In regards to the lack of content of late, well, it really is just a time issue more than anything. The videos were made as viable projects came up that we actually would use after they are done. As I work full time, it is not always easy to find the time, and the ideal project to do that fits. That said, I am going to try to do more this coming spring and summer as I should have lots of free time.

      All that said, even though I have not put out a project video lately, I do try to answer every comment or question on here and my YouTube channel in a timely manner… so people know I am still around.

      When you do build your shed, be sure to post it on this website after you are done (links is at the bottom of every page)

      Best regards & Much success with your shed build!

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