Video 14 – How To Install The Front Entrance Door on The Shed

This is the fourteenth of 15 videos. In this video Henry will show you how to install a front entrance door for the shed.

If you took your time with all steps in the shed construction, the installation of the entrance door should be easy and straight forward. Henry shows you how to do this and a few tips to make it as simple as possible and help you achieve the perfect door install.

NOTE: It may seem overboard to install such a nice door in our shed… however, we picked up this door dirt cheap at Homedepot for $50 and the glass insert was $70 for a total o $120, cheaper than the lowest priced exterior door anywhere. So, keep your eyes open at HD, Lowes or the local lumber yard for deals like this. A little scratch or ding in a door could reduce the price by half and is perfect for a shed – ask the staff if they have any slightly damaged units for sale.

P.S. That said, I couldn’t find any damage on this door at HD when we bought it, but it was on sale with a few others – in fact, we also scored a $450 front door for $160… a good day for deals!

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