Video 11 – How To Install Fascia Boards & Soffit Material on The Shed

This is the eleventh of 15 videos. In this video we will be installing the fascia trim and T&G soffit board material.

This is a pretty cool video! In this video, Henry shows you how to install long trim boards and soffit material. If you will be working alone, Henry has devised a jig for this video that will allow you to work with long boards and be able to measure and mark them off very accurately (and you don’t even have to hold the lumber) – the jig is also very useful for both the fascia and soffit material.

Download Our Fascia & Soffit Jig Plan for Free!

We’ve had many requests to provide the plans for this jig separate from our shed plan package. This is the jig used in the above video and it allows you to put up long fascia boards and soffit material without the need of a helper – it works very well and has been a popular part of the video. See the video below if you are not sure how this jig is used (Note: it works when building a shed in the steps we used for the shed building series).

Here’s The Good News, Henry just made a separate PDF of the jig plan and you can download it using the link below – Hope You Enjoy Using it!



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