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Build a 10' x 12' Dream Shed With Our Step-by-Step Shed Plans & eBook!

The choice is yours, with this package, you can fly at it over a long weekend, or take your time and just do what you can in your spare time – either way, our eBook & Shed Plans will make it easy to do!

What’s Included?

  • Complete Set of 22 Detailed Plan Pages for All Stages of Framing and Construction
  • Shed Construction Guide
  • Includes Plans for Optional Window Framing
  • Includes Truss Layout & Truss Jig Plans
  • Material Lists for Each Stage of Construction
  • A Complete Material List for The Whole Shed
  • Our Exclusive Soffit & Fascia Board Jig Plan
  • An Excel Costing Sheet So You Can Price Out The Shed Before You Start!

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All 15 Tutorial Videos Are Available on YouTube & Our Website. Please Note: Plans include a door & window opening framing plan, but do not include construction details for double doors or overhead roll up door.

What people are saying about our plans & eBook

“A Lot More Testimonials By Our Viewers & Their Shed Builds Are Available in Our Testimonials Section

[lvca_testimonials per_line=”3″][lvca_testimonial author=”Svend Strandbygaard” credentials=”Home Handyman, Maine, USA”]I had been looking to build a shed for a couple of years until I came across the Plans from Country Life Projects. The best plans on the internet today and the prettiest shed in the ‘cyberspace’. The plan drawings were first class and the cost sheets invaluable with which to estimate the cost.[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”E. Marsh” credentials=”Home Handyman, North Central Iowa”]This was a very enjoyable project. The videos, plans, and material lists were on the money. Thank you very much for a fine shed that will last as long as a house[/lvca_testimonial][lvca_testimonial author=”Paul Neff” credentials=”Home Handyman, Illinois”]I’m very happy I discovered Country Life on my search for shed ideas. The plans and videos took essentially all the guesswork out of the project. I really appreciated the breakup of the project into segments complete with material lists for each.[/lvca_testimonial][/lvca_testimonials]

Plans included in our eBook & shed plan package

Thumbnails are not shown in the same order as actual plans in the PDF.

Build Your Shed With Confidence! Our Plans & eBook Are Easy To Use & Follow!

Organized Content
Our eBook is organized into each stage of construction, exactly as you find in our videos. Should you need help, each stage and plan contains a link to the related video (in the PDF). Materials required for each stage are also included!

Detailed Plans in Color
We decided to add more plan drawings to keep each one clear and uncluttered making each stage of construction easier. All plans are in color so you can easily define parts and measurements.

Easy Navigation
Our eBook Table of contents is linked to each section of the eBook & each stage of construction. This makes it easy to find the right plan and relevant information quick and easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the actual size of the shed 9' 9" x 11' 9"

Our shed plan floor size is 9′ 9″ x 11′ 9″. This is intentional and the sizing will save money when you reach the finishing stages of your shed. By keeping the size of the shed 3″ smaller on the width and length, there is very little waste with the more expensive trim materials in the finishing stages. Our shed overview video explains this in more detail.

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How much does it cost to build this shed?

It is not easy to provide an exact answer to this. Prices for materials can vary from one part of the country to another. Even in different countries as many customers are from other parts of the world. However, you will find it will be somewhere between $1600 to $2100 USD — depending on the materials used and how carefully you shop around.

We have shed costing sheets included in this package (one is in .xls format and one in .xlsx format for more recent versions of Excel — otherwise, they are both the same). There is one column for material prices, simply enter the prices of materials available locally and the sheet will total the cost of your shed automatically.

* You will need MS Excel to use the costing sheet, or a program that can work with Excel spread sheets.

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How long does it take to build this shed?

This will depend largely on your experience level and how much help you have. A professional should be able to finish this shed in 4 to 5 days (including painting). A home handyman should allow at least 2 weeks total time working alone. Check out our viewers shed builds as many of them explain how long it took them, and how much help they had.

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Should I include venting in my shed?

This depends largely on how hot or humid the climate is where you live, or if you plan to store flammable fluids like gasoline in the shed. The recommended type of venting is the basic plastic 8×8 vents available at most lumber yards. These can be installed on upper area of both gable ends of the walls to provide flow-through ventilation. Not sure if you need them? Don’t worry if you do not use them right away — they can easily be added after the shed is completed.

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Can the plans be easily modified?

In most case they can but much depends on your experience and how much you want to change the plans. Making changes to the width is more involved than changes to the length. Many of the shed builds on our website have made changes to the plans.

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Can I print the plans with a regular printer and paper size?

Yes! Our plans have been designed to print out very clearly and legible on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Nothing special is needed. We do recommend printing in color if you can.

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What is the total height of the shed?

If you have a height restriction to consider, the total height of the shed from the bottom of the floor joists to the top of the ridge (peak) is 11′ 7″  (139″)

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Are the 15 tutorial videos for a 10' x 12' Shed?

The tutorial videos are based on the 8′ x 10′ shed build. However, the instruction in these videos is identical for most of the shed construction. Where there are changes, such as the LP Smart Side panels, we have included extra plans and information in this package to cover the differences.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: As outlined in our videos and FAQ, the actual floor size of the shed is 9′ 9″ x 11′ 9″
Saves on Expensive Materials in The Finishing Stages

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