Video 8 – How To Install LP Smart Side Panels on The Shed

This is the eighth of 15 videos. In this video we will be installing the LP Smart Side Panels on the front and back of the shed.

It may seem odd to install the LP Smart Side Panels on just the front and back walls but it is an important step and doing things in this order will make things easier as you continue. Henry explains why in this video. LP Smart Side Panels are not hard to install but there are some things you should know and they are covered in this video.

IMPORTANT: Much of the strength and stability of the shed comes through the LP Smart Side Panels. However they are OSB and only 3/8″ thick so it is important to use a good glue like PL Premium as noted in the videos (LP Smart Side Panels are also available in 5/8″ via special order). In addition, if you plan to use the drip cap base, I recommend watching all the shed videos before installing the LP Smart Side Panels.

In some areas, panels similar in appearance to these may be called Ranch Wall, which is a little different and may or may not have a lap joint. Check this before proceeding and make sure you pay attention to the differences you see in the video versus the type of panels you use (if you are not using the 3/8″ LP Smart Side Panels).


  1. Hi Do you know of a supplier in london England ( UK) for
    LP Smart Side Panels are also available in 5/8″ via special order
    can i import some

    also the 3 ” screw’s square head, what no sq head bit 2 – 3 , can i import them to ?

    I have imported kreg pocket hole screws, much harded to slip, out like philips star head screws some times do.
    how much for 2.4m 7′ 8″ lenght of 2 *4 for framing.

    i love the shed, can you email me the excel sheet so i can break down the costs
    Thanks , Regards Derek Hazzard

    • Henry Reinders on

      Hi Derek,

      I can’t say I would recommend importing the panels and screws. We used these panels as a cost saving way to build a shed. If you have to import, I would say you would be better off to use sheathing first and then a siding (wood, vinyl or hardi board etc.). If the ideal screws are hard to get, again, I would not import, use nails for the framing etc. I am not sure what you have available in the UK (and at what prices) but I personally would try to build with locally available materials versus importing.

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