Video 5 – How To Frame The Walls For The Shed

This is the fifth of 15 videos. In this video we will be framing the walls for the shed including the header for the door.

Building the walls is fairly straight forward. Henry will cover layout, assembly, header construction and tilt up of the walls.  As long as you take your time with proper measuring and assembly, your finished walls should be straight and level – important later when you install the door and LP Smart Side Panels.


  1. Viola McShannon on

    If your floor is pressure treated do you need to use galvanized fasteners to fasten the base plate to the floor?

    • Henry Reinders on

      Hi Viola

      Great observation, and the answer is yes. However, it depends on the fasteners. As long as the coating is approved for use on PT lumber, it is okay. I used regular screws because our plywood was not PT and it is a small shed.

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