Video 15 – How To Install Exterior Trim on The Shed

This is the fifteenth and last of 15 videos, and wraps up the last details on the shed.

Henry will be showing you how to install all the exterior trim as well as some final tips. This is the last and most enjoyable part of the shed, it is when all the hard work and time taken to do all the other steps pays off – if you followed all our videos, you should end up with very nice results.

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  1. Henry, I would just like to compliment you & say thank you for these most informative & thorough videos. You do such an exceptional job of demonstrating & explaining each key part of the entire construction. You also go in to precise detail about miter layout, nail spacing, caulking & a host of other important specifics that result in an extremely well built shed.
    I varied from the size because I wanted something a little bit larger, making mine 8 x 12 & I decided to put a metal roof on mine instead of shingles. I am just finishing it up, putting on the trim & finishing the paint. I will post some photos when I have it complete.
    Once again, a big Thank You for the great series of videos.
    D. Kammer St. Louis, Mo

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