Video 1 – How To Prepare The Ground For Your Shed

This is the first of 15 videos and covers ground preparation for the shed.

Please note that the gravel you should use is “Clean” coarse gravel, if you do not ask for this, you will probably get regular coarse gravel which contains a lot of fine gravel dust and will not provide a nice looking base for your shed. It is also more of a pain to work with due to excessive dust in uncleaned gravel.

IMPORTANT: Do not use black plastic, some weeds actually will thrive under this. Heavy duty landscape fabric is the best.


  1. The boarder for the shed gravel to separate it from the grass, does the wood have to be pressure treated as welll?

    • Henry Reinders on

      Hi Brian,

      For longevity, pressure treated is best. However, if you have logs or similar materials, they can be used. Just be prepared that in 10 years, more or less you might have to replace them. That said, if you have this timber and want to use it, I would if it saved me money. After all, replacing them later would not be a huge deal.

  2. I have a question about the landscape tie edging you used for the project. Is it a single tie spiked to the ground or are you stacking two and nailing them together?

    Thanks for the videos, I am really learning a lot!


    • Henry Reinders on

      Hi John

      On one side we doubled up and on the front a single row. On the double layer we first used long nails into the ground so they would not shift, the second layer was nails to the layer below.

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