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Who are we? Two guys who have been best friends since we were 11 years old…. now we are both in are fifties, have families and are looking toward the future and how we want to live our lives.

Mark and his wife Donna live in White Rock BC and are selling there home there, and will be buying acreage in central British Columbia. Henry on the other hand, already lives in this area, but still wants to move onto a larger acreage and really start living off the land. Both Mark and Henry have wanted to do this since their teens and finally…years later, the dream is becoming a reality.  Soon, Both Mark & Donna, and Henry will have their places away from the stressful lifestyle of suburbia – a life in the country.

We are not looking to build some opulent country estate – NOPE… we have a little bit of that prepper mentality, not crazy stuff, like an armory in the basement and ten years of supplies, but more realistic, a well stocked pantry, root cellar, growing our own food and generally being healthy in the process.  What we really like, is a little bit (well maybe a lot) of the old fashioned desire to live simple, buy quality products and cherish the things that make life wholesome. Enough of consumerism, we want to make sure we consume less and live with less… Less as in just what we need to make things work and reduce “OUR” demand on the resources on this planet.

In this quest, we will try to bring you, our viewers, projects and products that can be made, or are made, to last many years. The emphasis will be on quality and we hope that all of our projects (or products we like) we present can be built by anyone and hopefully, last many years – which in turn, will help reduce the demand for repeated consumerism.

If you like this ideology, we welcome you to join us and follow us as we progress along this journey and build our places in the country and share what we are doing. We really hope that everything we bring to you on our website and through our videos is of value and helps you do what you like to do – build projects and buy the things that make your life in the country enriched and provide a strong sense of satisfaction.

All the best and success with your country lifestyle and endeavors



  1. Thank you for sharing your series of videos. My family lives in Houston, TX near the Gulf Coast where we experience hurricanes from time to time.

    I noticed in the video for the floor framing that the whole shed just sits on top of the gravel bed. Do we need to anchor that somehow to the ground in case strong winds do come?

    Best regards,

    • Henry Reinders on

      Hi Romar,

      Well… unless you are prepared to build a full proper concrete foundation and tie in all the framing to it, I do not think there is much you could do to secure a shed to withstand hurricane forces. Any shed built on skids, blocks or gravel (as we have done) will not likely withstand extreme forces of an hurricane.

    • Henry Reinders on

      Hi Ray

      Glad to hear it is going well. I’d love to see a few pictures when you are done.

      All the best, Henry

  2. I will be ordering those shed plans with the wife’s paypal. I have never built anything before but after watching the videos I feel fairly good about it. It takes looking at some bad videos on Youtube before finding one that really made a lot of sense. Many of these were quite entertaining when I think back. So good job. When the ground thaws out here in Richmond I can start to scrape off the sod. Regards Ken McGregor

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